I am not of fan of negativity. I do my best to keep everything in my life glowing with a positive light. That is why the term “writer’s block” doesn’t have a place in my writing career. Now, I’m not saying that when I sit down to write my WIP flows smoothly from my fingertips. Some days it quite the opposite, but I have never considered it writer’s block. The Dictionary defines the word “block” as meaning “an obstacle or hindrance.” I suppose, if you are only working on one project and you just can’t figure out what happens next, that definition would be apropos. You would be stopped dead in your writing tracks. But, if you learn to put a positive spin on the situation then instead of having a dreaded case of “writer’s block” you are now just taking a “creative intermission” on your WIP. Use this time to catch up on writing a new page for your website or a creative article for your blog. I actually have several WIPs going at the same time and all in various stages. The WIP with the nearest deadline takes priority, but if I find that I’ve hit a place where I don’t know what happens next, I set it aside and take up the next project. It could be working on the rough draft of another WIP or writing articles for my website. It doesn’t matter what I write…it only matters that I continue to write. Instead of letting it “block” me, I take control by deciding that it would be a good time to take a break from that WIP to work on something else. What I have found is that as soon as I shift my focus onto the next project, my mind seems to clear and the answer will come to me.


     What about you? Do you find yourself struggling with writer’s block and wasting what precious little time you have for your writing? Try adding another writing project or two, you may find that it works for you just as well as it works for me. Do you have another way to solve your creative flow problem? Tell us about it. Send it to me and I’ll post your shared advice. This page covers all the random musings that I write to keep my creative flow. You never know what you might read here.