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Kirkus Indie – A review service from Kirkus Reviews
Rose’s new fantasy series revisits the classic good-versus-evil battle in the ancient setting of Celtic and Sidhe legends.


While the development of the characters and legend are vivid… the well-developed fantasy world has potential.


In Rose’s fairly complex fantasy…the story comes together in a richly layered world.


--Kirkus Indie – A review service from Kirkus Reviews

San Francisco/Sacramento Book Review

Star Rating: 5 out of 5

This is truly a book that will keep you hooked until the very end!

Elean is quite spirited and she is more courageous than most. You will fall in love with her and the men who loved her. 

--  San Francisco/Sacramento Book Review



R. Rose


What if your entire race were created by the ancient Celtic God, Dagda, to please his beloved daughter, Brighid, who then gifted your maternal bloodline with a spark of her soul? Now you’re given the task of living in the mortal realm to bring the gift of the Arts to the mortals she loves; while being relentlessly hunted by the Goddess of the Killing Rage to satisfy a deadly desire for Otherworldly vengeance.


Just before Eléan’s seventeenth birthday, the Goddess of Lust & Rage, along with the Immortal she created, destroyed her sheltered life. Now, an object of possession by mortals and immortals alike; Eléan must learn to control her legacy and, with the two warriors that love her, save the Goddess Brighid by protecting the small flame of Immortal soul that lives within her.


Liam and James have been friends…brothers…since they were children. Now the Otherworld has been released into the Mortal Realm leaving a bloody path of terror in its desire for vengeance. It’s coming for Eléan, a woman they both love and would die to protect. Will the Otherworld destroy their bond…or will their love for Eléan give them the strength to fight what’s coming?



Forced into the service of the Goddess Morrigan and made immortal, Greagoir must be the vessel for the Goddess’uncontrollable lust and killing rage. Eléan is the key. After all these centuries, all that stands in his way are two mortal warriors gifted by a goddess and a young woman’s desire to survive.

On sale now in The Bookworm's Nook or at the following sites:


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Ebooks available in epub, mobi, and PDF.

The Bookcast Interview

with Bill Thompson

Here is my entire interview on the The Bookcast with Bill Thompson.

I have to tell you that this was so much fun to do.  I feel very honored to have been chosen for this interview, so I was naturally nervous. Bill Thompson was great and it turned out to be a wonderful experience. I look forward to returning to talk with him about Malevolence later this year. Thank you Bill Thompson and The Bookcast.

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Cover art created by fantasy artist, Julie Fain.

To see more of her beautiful artwork, visit her site.

Interior art work by Celtic artist, Jen Delyth.

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