Don't Look Now but...
   It's the End of the World!

Jason’s bare feet slapped loudly against the wet pavement. He was making too much noise and he knew it, but if he didn’t make it back to base camp it wouldn’t matter. He’d stayed too late while scavenging at the mall and now the sun had nearly set. Two more blocks he thought, but they were the worst. The Gauntlet is what they called it. Industrial buildings on both sides of the street with many of them sporting enormous open bay doors. Night walkers spent the daylight hours in the sewers, swarming like ants out into the streets at night to feed. These buildings had huge drains that emptied directly into sewers. What had been a necessity for the business owners had turned into convenient street access for the night walkers.
No one knew exactly how the virus was started, but before they could get it under control it mutated. Anyone coming in contact with the saliva of a person infected with the mutated strain would themselves become infected. Sounded simple to solve…just stay away from the infected’s saliva. The virus, however, had one very bad side effect, it made its host ravenously hungry…for human flesh. These night walkers weren’t like the zombies that mindlessly lumbered along in the movies looking to catch some unaware teen and eat his brain. No these were smart…and they were fast.
Metal scraping against concrete echoed out of the pitch black void in the building to Jason’s left. It was the sound of the drain grate being moved, they were coming up and he was out of time. “Crap…Roberto, double man the ladder! I’m coming in and so are they!” Roberto shouted through the window next to the fire escape he had been standing on. Two beefy boys scrambled out through the window and dropped the ladder down until it was about six feet off the ground. “Skeeball’s tied up so it's gonna be just the three of us. When you hit the rungs, get your arse up here or we may just drop ya,” Roberto shouted back to him. “Holy crap Jas, what’d you do kick the hornet’s nest on your way by? You got about 20 of them on your tail and they’re gaining fast. Get your arse in gear!” Damn, he needed to ditch his back pack, but he’d hit the mother lode of canned food and wasn’t about to give it up that easily. Jason sprinted that last few yards before launching himself into the air and grabbing the bottom rung of the ladder. “What the hell you got in that thing,” Roberto grunted as he and the other boys struggled with the added weight. “Shut the slug up or you’re not getting any, now pull me up damn it!” Jason grabbed the next rung, hand over hand, he pulled himself higher on the ladder.
Looking down, he watched as the first of the night walkers jumped up and grabbed the bottom rung that he had just cleared moments ago. “It’s too much weight…we can’t hold it,” Roberto shouted to him. “Double slug! Eat this you creepy flesh eater,” Jason shout as he dropped his back pack full of canned Hershey’s chocolate sauce onto the night walker’s head, sending him tumbling onto the street below. Now that the extra weight was gone the other boys were able to pull the ladder up to the third floor landing. “Man…that was too close for just a few cans.” Jason watched the night walkers fade into the darkness with his pack; they’d probably use it as bait. “You might not think that, my friend, when you find out what we just lost.”

Be it nuclear fallout, a momentous natural disaster, or scores of creepy zombies we know the apocalypse is coming. The big question is…how will you fare when the mushroom cloud settles? This page will be all things apocalyptic (before, during and after). Visit this page often and be the sign says.