Fantasy Magic

Taking a breath to settle his nerves, he held the dagger in front of him with the tip pointed toward the Blood Moon. Standing within his own circle he faced the opposing one.

“Earth, Air, Fire, Water hear me and obey my command. Let this circle be of the Otherworld and let this fire be the beacon that guides those summoned forth.”

Using the dagger, he closed the circle; the fire flared as thunder rumbled in the distance. The wind gusted through the trees; they swayed as if dancing to a melody—only they could hear—that beckoned the spirits of the elements. Bursting through the brush, the hare ran swiftly from the flames. Startled by the interruption, he let the dagger fall to the ground with a soft thud. Overly anxious, Greagoir took a deep breath to settle his nerves as the thrill of anticipation rushed through him. I am truly invoking the magic of the Sí in Bhrú, he thought.  – An excerpt from “Desires (A Legacy Novel)”

Imagine what it would be like to communicate with pets (familiars) or use potions to cast spells. How would your life change if you had an aversion to iron? Would you fancy a vacation in the Otherworld? These things await those who favor the realm of fantasy. Battle the Skeleton King with Maria V. Snyder or visit the Fae Courts with Melissa Marr. My cat and I will often sit and discuss the benefits of communication between animals and mortals. Oh bed knobs and broomsticks, have I revealed too much?


All my fantasy related articles will appear in this section as if by magic. Pop in regularly, but do check your wand at the door.