Malevolence (A Legacy Novel)




Human flesh is preserved in the murky depths of a bog. Millennium after millennium, horrifically mummifying the tissue…drawing out the moisture until all that is left is a leathery, shriveled corpse. For an immortal, this is an excruciating torture; especially if they had never before known the agony of pain.


Forced to share his desiccated body with the essence of the ancient Celtic Goddess of Killing Rage, who through an Otherworldly curse, must experience his physical pain. Greagoir endured centuries of the Goddess Morrigan’s tormented screams before her killing rage took control. Only Greagoir’s need for revenge has kept him from losing his mind to madness…or has it?


Innocent in her attempt to save a life with the magical legacy gifted her by the Goddess Brighid. Caitlin, in a terrible twist of fate, released the worst evil the mortal world had seen in two millennia. Immortals so malevolent their only desire is to corrupt the mortal realm with violence while they seek to enslave and destroy the only thing that will bring them retribution—the Goddess’ heir…Caitlin. Relentlessly hunted, will she be forced to stand alone against their killing rage or will destiny bring the unexpected to her aid?

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