I love YA! That’s right…I said it and I’m proud of it. YA (young adult) fiction is not just for 13 to 17 year-olds. I write YA stories that have their roots buried deep in legends from around the world. A very large percentage of my readers are adults with a significant number of those being men. I think that those people who say things like, “YA is fine for kids, but adults should be reading adult books,” are denying themselves the pleasure of a great many treasures. I, for one, will not be told what I can and cannot read because I read for the joy of reading. When I read a YA novel I’m filled with the sense of wonder that comes from a young hero or heroine discovering their strength and courage for the first time. I’m filled with a sense of awe at remember how it felt to be passionately kissed for the first time, the excitement of falling in love and the devastation of a first heartbreak. YA books will reach you on an emotional level that you will feel long after you’ve closed the pages.

     I came across this quote, but I’m sure that even Jack Hornsby would agree that YA is no longer on the shelf in the back…but instead, front and center with spotlights on them. So when you visit this page just remember that you’re in the zone…the YA zone, so please check your “grown-up” books at the front desk.