Musings of a
Certifiable Feline Femme Fatale

(That's Crazy Cat Lady to the rest of the World)

Many of you know that in the mundane world I’m a registered veterinary technician in California. I have a special affinity for wildlife, exotics, and…cats. I have a tendency to take in animals that are injured, abandoned, or in need of rehabilitation. Of course, as you can probably imagine, every one of my cats has some sort of special need. I love every one of my fur kids equally though and wouldn’t dream of ever giving them up.


On this page you can find all manner of cat related articles and information. I might even throw in some wildlife or exotic animal funnies that happen in my world. When you work with animals there are three rules you learn to follow:


Rule #1  --  Never let your guard down. If it has a mouth it can bite, even your most trusted pet could bite you if it’s been injured.


Rule #2  --  Always look for subtle signs. Sure you recognize a wagging tail, but not all animals show their affection or gratitude so obviously. Sometimes, it might be a head butt or a slow blink of the eyes.

And finally…


Rule #3  --  Always expect the unexpected. When you’re observant and prepared to notice the unexpected you will often witness amazing things, like the hand-raised starling to which I taught some simple phrases that later began to rearrange the words to put together her own phrases or the feral cat that I had been feeding that charged after a coyote to protect me. It didn’t matter that I was three times larger than the coyote or that it was three times larger than her. It was a threat and my claws just weren’t sharp enough in her eyes.


So walk, crawl, surf or slither back to visit this page and see what new craziness I report. If you have a fun animal story you’d like to share, send it to me and I’ll see about getting it posted.


Cats…you’ve got to love…it makes purr-fect sense!