Lessons in "Cattitude"

“Life Would Be Purr-fect If Only You Would  Listen To Your Cat”


by T.G.



T.G. the “All-Knowing Feline Goddess of Everything and Everyone” bringing you my final lesson. You see, my human was recently told that I have a tumor the size of a saucer in my chest that cannot be removed. I don't know what that means exactly, but it made my human...my mom cry. I say my mom because that is what she is to me. When I was only three-weeks-old my biological mother knew there was something wrong with me and that I would need special care, so she took me to the one human in the neighborhood that cared for all the cats...even the ones that didn't belong to her. My cat mom put me on her doorstep in the middle of the night and left me to cry until the human opened the door. The cat doctor told her I had seizures, but she loved me anyway. She became my real mom. Don't get me wrong, my biological mom would come by and visit me while I was growing up. That was it though, just a visit and then she would go back home. My real mom would give her a great meal, took her to be spayed when her family just let her have litter after litter until she nearly died and when they abandoned her...my real mom brought her home to live with us. I tease my mom about being my human servant, but that what family does, right? She knows I love her because I show her every chance I get. That is why I want to dedicate this final lesson to mom...my real mom.


Now on with the lesson:

Cats can be the poster children for aloofness. Many humans think that cats are distant or that we don't need them because we are too independent. That, however, is not true. We may not show our love for you by jumping up and down while slobbering all over you like...oh say, a DOG might do, but that doesn't mean that we don't love you as much. We just show it with a little more dignity. We show it in the way we look at you, purr when you need comforting, wrap our tails around your leg when you need a hug, or snuggle with you when you've had a bad day. We would never waste an opportunity to show you how much we love you and you should always take the time to show us that you love us too. It is the most important part of being in a bi-species family and you never know when one of you will be gone before you're ready. Sometimes having "cattitude" means showing another that you love them unconditionally. I wish I could teach you more, but hopefully by now you have a cat of your own that will continue your training. As for me, well, I am feeling a little tired. I think I will go see if my mom wants to take one more cat nap with me.


Remember your lessons humans…”Live a happy life…don’t forget to love your cats.”

T.G., the Feline Goddess of Everything and Everyone died in my arms on November 1, 2013--"All Saints Day." Not a day goes by that I don't miss her "cattitude."