Lessons in "Cattitude"

“Life Would Be Purr-fect If Only You Would  Listen To Your Cat”


by T.G.



T.G. the “All-Knowing Feline Goddess of Everything and Everyone” here to impart to you the third lesson of how to bring “cattitude” into your life. If you have been following my lessons (which can be easily accessed, so no excuses) then you should have already done your mandatory stretching. If you haven’t then you are obviously a dog person and are just here to annoy me…guess what…It. Is. Working.


Now on with the lesson:

Cats know that for their lives (all nine of them) to flow smoothly they must prioritize. Say it with me humans…Prrr-i-or-it-ize. I love this word because you purr in the beginning. Anyway, when you prioritize what is important is your time management (remember lesson one) becomes more effective. Let me give you an example, using my human to make my point.


Priority No. 1 is always “Your cats always come first.” (After that you can tailor it to your specific needs, of course. Ha! “Tail”or…get it? Oh baby, I crack myself up!)


In the case of my human, she had been working on learning how to use her social media sites to promote her book, while at the same time trying to finish the rough draft of her second book. It seemed like she could fit everything into her schedule except this website. She thought, “that’s ok it can go another month with the same articles. Then her publisher sent out a press release and in one day it was picked up by 22 online news sites across the U.S. and in London, all of them referring readers back to this website. She said “Oh crap!” which means…well…you’re human, you know what it means. She had suddenly realized that this site, which was at the center of all her social media, should have been higher on the priority list.


Being a rather intelligent woman (she does have me, afterall) she rectified her grievous error and re-vamped this site. In the process, I explained to her (by threatening her silky things with my claws) that I should have my own page, I am a Goddess. Since she really likes her silky things, she rectified that problem, as well. I am happy to say that this website is now at the top of her social media priority list, all because she is living her life with “cattitude.”  Say it with me one more time…Prrrrioritze. **shudder** I just love the way that rolls off my tongue.


Until next time humans…”Live a long life…don’t forget to feed your cats.”