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So, You Want to Know About Me...

...where do I begin?

     Welcome to my writer's page. I know, some people would call this their author’s page, but as this page is a reflection of me, then like me, it is something more. While it is true that I am an author, I am also more…I am a writer.


     When I think of an author, I think of someone that has successfully written…something. I, however, have unsuccessfully written more things than I like to admit. It’s all part of the process, but it is also why I call myself a writer…like the many clippings and notes in my idea book, I am unwritten; waiting to be launched into the next extraordinary adventure.


     So, this page is not to introduce you to R. Rose, author; but instead it’s to introduce you to Roxanna Rose, the writer…ever the work in progress.


    Let's get started...I am a  California native, my first taste of writing came when my college English teacher (who was actually the Psychology professor) asked us to write five pages in the format of a romance novel. I had been reading romance novels for quite a while and rushed eagerly into the project. When it was graded, he returned it with a note saying “No man could make love all night after being shot in the shoulder.” Well…obviously the man had never picked up romance novel in his life. He must have been inaccurately projecting his inadequate manly prowess onto my buff and totally hot character (who was only winged by the bullet). I received a “C” on the paper, but I was hooked on writing.


     I started entering every writing contest I came across; purchased a plethora of books on writing; I even tried my hand at writing a screenplay (which is a lot harder than you can imagine). After years of the usual ups and downs of a writer’s life, I think I am finally facing the right direction on this rollercoaster.


     Happiness, to me, is writing on a rainy day surrounded by cats and herbal tea steaming in my cup (I miss T.G. not staring over my shoulder to make sure I had not added too many dogs to the story).