“Spotlights on Talent" features talented professionals from the book industry. Authors, editors, agents, models, bloggers and reviewers could find themselves in the spotlight. I will be on the lookout for individuals to interview. Do you have someone that you feel the readers and the industry should know? Is there a professional that you’re interested in? Perhaps you would like to be the person in the spotlight? Send me a message from the “contact us” page with the person’s name and what it is that they do in the industry. If it’s someone you know and you have an email address send that along, as well. It’s that simple.


Everyone knows there favorite author's bio. It's a fact, we've all Googled them at least once or twice. What about those authors that haven't hit the NYT Bestsellers List yet? I've had the good fortune to interview some of those authors and am pleased to bring you those interviews here.
Cover Models
An industry profession that we all recognize. It is one that many, especially those in the genre of romance, would say has a lot to do with book sales. Their chiseled bodies and sensual curves bring life to our book covers and many readers agree that the covers are what draws them to pick up a book in the first place.

John Quinlan

"The Most Tattooed Romance Cover Model in the World"