John Quinlan
cover model 

In our spotlight is romance cover model John Quinlan, “the most tattooed cover model in the world.” Many of you may recognize John (or at least parts of him) from the covers of your favorite romance novels. I had the great pleasure of meeting and talking with John over the course of the 2014 RT Booklovers Convention in New Orleans. I was so impressed by what a genuinely nice guy he was and how he made everyone he talked to feel at ease around him (not easy when he’s flexing those muscles).

Later, I was working on the rough draft for “She Who Watches (Evil Unleashed)” and realized that John was the perfect inspiration for the lead male character. He will also appear on the cover and in the book’s trailer. So without further delay, I turn the spotlight on John Quinlan.

Me:      Hi John, welcome to Take Two Creative I’m thrilled to have this opportunity to interview you. Although the answer should be obvious, I’m going to get right to it and ask the question that has us all curious. What made you decide to become a romance cover model?

John:    Many people told me I had a good look for it. I thought it was exciting as it was something new and refreshing for me.


Me:      I’ve got to ask; do you remember the first book and/or author to which you appeared on the cover?

John:    Captive Fantasy by Ann Mayburn


Me:      You have a pretty unique distinction in the industry, you’re known as “the most tattooed cover model in the world,” was that something you set out to do or did it just happen because of your love of ink?

John:    It just happened because of my ink. Over the course of time, male romance cover models for the most part have been free of tattoos. I am the first male romance cover model to break that stereotype. I have 27 tattoos as of right now. I'm sure down the road another guy might come along with more ink and take the title. But we in society always remember the first of everything: the first American Idol, the first Ms. Olympia, etc. It is nice to be the very first one.


Me:      You have an interesting collection of tattoos. Do any of them have special meaning for you and do you have plans to add to your collection?

John:    I never say never, as I am always adding to the collection. Each one of my tattoos has its own special meaning, but if I had to pick one for the sake of this interview it would have to be the Oriental Kanji symbol inside my left wrist which represents my children. All of my tattoos are black and white with the exception of the color red in some of them including the nautical stars.

Me:      You are the inspiration for the male lead, John Doe #10 (John J) in my current WIP “She Who Watches (Evil Unleashed) where you help save the world from a released horde of demons straight from the legends of the Pacific Northwest. Have you been the inspiration for any other book characters?

John:    Many, one of my favorites right now is the book “Flagentio's” by Taabia Dupree, which is the sequel to “Jessica's Obsession,” [for] which I was the cover model. My character, Anthony "Tony" Stone, is a real bad ass. Hahaha! She even used my real name in the book as I appear in it, as well. Very cool!


Me:  You recently retired from active competitions, what are you going to do to fill that free time?

John:  Personal training is a passion of mine. Helping people improve their spirit, mind and body through health & wellness is something I enjoy doing. I also have a big Boston based film project in the works along with being selected to play the role of US Army Captain Nixon in Jillian Bullock's movie 'A Sense of Purpose: Fighting For Our Lives' which is set begin filming in Philadelphia during November of 2016. I was truly honored to be selected as an actor to portray Captain Nixon in this film.  


Me:  Is there anything I didn’t ask about that you might want to tell the readers?

John:  I am very happy to be sponsored by such a great author like yourself, Roxanna at the 2016 Las Vegas RT Convention in April. Thank you for selecting me as your 2016 RT Model Man.


Me:      I’ve enjoyed going from acquaintances to friends with you over the last couple of years and I’m thrilled to be your sponsor. I look forward to meeting up with you at the 2016 RT Booklovers Convention in Las Vegas, NV to bring “She Who Watches (Evil Unleashed)” to all those readers and booklovers. You've been a great sport through all of this and it's been fascinating to see my character's personality develop with you as his inspiration, he swears he'll do you proud. Thank you for letting my readers have a glimpse into your exciting life. Keep doing what you do John; bringing the visual to our words. 

If you would like to know more about John Quinlan then check out the following links:!/JohnJQuinlan