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  • “Desires (A Legacy Novel)” was released and met with great reviews, including a 5-star review from the San Francisco Book Review and a noteworthy Kirkus Indie review.
  • A local school invited me to read Dr. Seuss’ “One Fish, Two Fish” for Read Across America. It was a wonderful experience and I was able to read my son’s favorite book.
  •  I was honored to be interviewed by Bill Thompson for “The Bookcast” (you can hear it on this site or link to their site). Wow, it was both exciting and terrifying. Although, he did invite me to come back after the release of “Malevolence,” so I guess I wasn’t the worst guest he’d ever had on the show.
  • Just when I thought everything was going along amazingly, I was surprised when it was kicked up to extraordinary. By chance I saw a Twitter suggestion by author Kami Garcia, the results being that “Desires” appeared on episodes 5 & 6 of author Rachel Caine’s web-TV series “Morganville” based on her “Morganville Vampires” book series in 2014. “Squeeeee,” did not even come close to showing how excited I was when I found out.
  • Saskia Book Services created amazing book trailers for “Desires” and “Malevolence,” both can be seen on this site.
  • I’ve had the good fortune to be interviewed by some of the most talented website owners and bloggers that I have ever met. You can find links to the interviews on the “You can find me here” page.




  • My first official book signings were at the 2014 RT Booklovers Convention in New Orleans, LA and it was amazing! There were so many readers, authors, booksellers, librarians, bloggers, reviewers, cover models, and industry professionals in one place with a common goal...to share our love of books. Visit the photo gallery to see some of the pictures.


  • Met cover model John Quinlan while signing at the 2014 RT Booklovers Convention’s Giant Book Fair and chose him as the cover model and inspiration for the lead character, John Doe #10 (John J) in “She Who Watches (Evil Unleashed).” I started the rough draft for "She Who Watches,” and I get chills just thinking about it. I’m pretty sure you will too. Check the book’s info page for more details.



  •  Extended the release date of "Malevolence" to the end of 2015 with the expected release date for "Sacrifices" in 2016. I appreciate all of your support and patience during my mother’s diagnosis with stage 4 cancer and her passing. My readers are the most awesome people on the planet.





  • Teamed with cover model John Quinlan to sign posters for “She Who Watches (Evil Unleashed)” in Club RT during the 2015 RT Booklovers Convention in Dallas, TX. I did a solo appearance in Club RT to sign posters for “Malevolence (A Legacy Novel).”
  • Began the research for two New Adult titles that will be released in 2016 & 2017 under the pen name of Rose Irish.  


  • “Malevolence (A Legacy Novel)” is scheduled for release in December 2015.
  • Proud to announce that I am the official sponsor of cover model John Quinlan at the 2016 RT Booklovers Convention to be held in Las Vegas, NV.


  • “She Who Watches (Evil Unleashed)” is scheduled for release in Feb./March 2016.
  • I will be signing in Club RT and at the Giant Book Fair during 2016 RT Booklovers Convention in Las Vegas, NV. I will have more details on my appearances at RT16 as the time draws nearer, so stay tuned.
  • 2016/2017 will see the release two New Adult Fantasy Romance novels “Of Blood and Magic (A Legend of Cuchulain)” and “Chrystal Blue Persuasion” penned under Rose Irish.
  • 2016 will also see the release of two children’s books penned under Willow Summers.
  • I will continue to update the list with appearances, schedules, and information (such as, I have outlines for 6 new books on my desk) as it becomes available.  Thank you for visiting my site.

Much love,


--R. Rose